What happens to a unit that we send to Crosscontrol for repair/service?

What happens to a unit that we send to Crosscontrol for repair/service?

What happens to a unit that we send to Crosscontrol for repair/service?
Will the software be affected that is installed on the unit?

When the unit arrives, we register it in our system with the information we received from you via mail, service portal or your service order.

The unit is then placed in our service queue and awaits action by our service technicians. When our technicians start the repair process, the unit is tested and all information will be formatted and the unit is restored to Factory mode. 

It is important that you tell us about the software, installed on your unit, if it should not be removed!
The technicians must then specially treat the unit, which may incur additional costs for your repair. So it is important that backup is taken on the unit before it is sent to us, or that you are aware that customer-specific software may need to be installed on the unit when it is returned back to you. Generally speaking, the unit leaves us with the software it had when it was sold from our factory, unless otherwise agreed. 

Once the unit has been tested, a quotation is sent to you for approval. Once we receive your approval, the unit will be repaired and returned back to you.

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