Large Attachment in ticket

Large Attachment in ticket

I want to send you a large file regarding my ticket, how do I do it?

Large files are always a problem to send from and to different systems, mainly because mail servers usually have limits on file size and total amount of data that can be sent in an email.

The Zoho Desk limit is up to 20Mb per file.

For large or many files, we recommend that you log in to our portal and update your case with your file or files.

Example: If you have a file of 200Mb is the best way to run Zip on the file and split it into 11 files at max 19Mb, then log on to the portal, create your case or go into the case you want to send the file(s) to. When you choose to write to us via the portal, choose to attach all files, max 10 files per message... if you have more files, you need to send another message with the remaining files.

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